DateLocal Time / UTCEvent / DescriptionLocationLink
2014-02-20 (Thu) 7 pm / 18:00 Making of an 80-m-Direction-Finding Receiver Landesverband Wien, Eisvogelgasse 4/1/3 Handicrafts
2014-03-22 (Sat) 11:30 / 10:30 Training Fox Hunting in the Prater Wien, Prater Hauptallee, Meeting Point: Praterfee  
2014-04-27 (Sun) all day Vienna SOTA Day Surrounding mountains and summits of Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland, Styria, etc. SOTA - Summits On The Air (German language)
2014-05-01 (Thu) 11:00 / 09:00 Fox Hunting (ARDF) Wien, Prater - Gösser Bierinsel (near Lusthaus)  ARDF-Fuchsjagd
2014-06-21 (Sat) TBD Fox Huntung for Kids - within the Kids-Day Wien ARRL Kids Day
2014-09-14 (Sun) 11:00 / 09:00 Fox Hunting (ARDF) - part of the Austrian Championship Maurer Wald K345, 1230 Wien, Event Fox Hunting ( ARDF ) in Vienna

Yet another ARDF site - F0X?

F0X is still under construction. This website will be in use for organizing ARDF competitions in OE1 (Vienna). The official ARDF site of Austria with numerous competition dates:

ARDF is also well known as Amateur Radio Direction Finding or "Fuchsjagd" in German language. Fuchsjagd means fox hunting, but there are no real foxes.

Usually five foxes, i.e. little transmitters, are hidden in the forest. Competitors have to find them using a direction finding receiver and a map as well as a magnetic compass. Each of these five foxes transmit for one minute in alternation and in succession. They emit a signal in Morse code.

This website is still in its infancy and will provide the following:

  • Registration system for ARDF events
  • Integrated evaluation for ARDF competitions
    • Start lists
    • Result lists
    • etc.