My Goal to obtain the US Call Sign

Why do I need a license in the USA or even a US call?

"After all, I already have my amateur radio exam here in Austria" - rightfully you will now ask yourself something like this. What is the use of the additional US-Call and does it make sense to undergo the whole exam stress again? There are countless reasons for and against this, and in the end everyone has to decide for themselves.

However, the following arguments are obvious:

  • Deepening of the English language knowledge,
  • Repetition of amateur radio knowledge in a foreign language,
  • Understanding of the US amateur radio system,
  • "Just for fun", learning something again, or for
  • Individuals who spend a lot of time in the States.

Another advantage is that guest licenses are much easier to obtain without a CEPT agreement, for example for the countries Argentina and Japan.

Outside the States (also in Austria) it is possible to take the examination for the US amateur radio license and thus obtain a US call!

License classes: For quite some time, there are the three classes in the US:

  • Technical (Technician -- Element 2)
  • General (General -- Element 3), and
  • Extra (Extra Class -- Element 4).

If you are interested in taking the exam, have any questions, or would like to help the team, the best thing to do is dropping a line to the mailing list at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The following test dates are currently available in Vienna - Landesverband ÖVSV (1060 Wien, Eisvogelgasse 4 / 3):

  1. Test Date: 2022-05-08 (Sunday)  Time (local): 10:00 09:00
  2. Test Date: 2022-09-25 (Sunday)  Time (local): 10:00
  3. Test Date: 2023-01-08 (Sunday)  Time (local): 10:00

At you can also find dates at other European locations or overseas and worldwide.

Status: 2022-05-07

Test Date: 2022-05-08, 09:00 o'clock

Registered participants

Name Call Target Class
Markus G. N6III (KN6RCS) General
Alexsandro H.   unknown
Christian R. OE3LCR KO4UCG Extra
Helmut K. OE5DIN KO4WCW Extra
Peter F. KN6SMI General
Zacharias L. KN6RCQ Extra
Alexander Puchhammer   Extra

List of proposed VE Team in Vienna

Name Call Class Austria Sessions
Herbert Koblmiller AI6HN Extra OE3KJN 6
Markus A. Weiss KW4JD Extra OE4MWC 4
Thomas Kuschel KW4NZ Extra OE3TKT 3
Reinhard Hawel W8HR Extra OE1RHC 2
Stefan Haslinger AI6HM Extra OE3IHS 2
Max Schaffer AJ6UB Extra OE3MTA 1
Arnold Hübsch KN6EYB Extra OE1IAH 1
Jürgen Heissenberger AH6UN Extra OE4JHW 0
Hannes Grünsteidl NR6DX Extra OE1SGU 0

Earned US Licenses - Congratulations:

Date Name Call Class Austria
2019-10-14 Hans Lamprecht AJ6MH Extra OE1HLB
2019-10-14 Christian Fiedler AC1II Extra OE4CQF
2019-10-14 Roman M. Hefele KN6EXX General OE1RQH
2019-10-14 Herwig Klima AJ6MG Extra OE2KLM
2019-10-14 Kurt Bischinger AE0HO Extra OE1UKB
2019-10-14 Maximilian Hausermaier KN6EYA Technician OE1MEW
2019-10-14 Jan Thomasberger KN6EXY Technician OE1JTC
2019-10-14 Joseph L. Lucero KN4ZFT Technician SWL
2019-10-14 Alfred Schwarz-Filz KD2SWJ General OE1SQA
2021-10-10 Arnold Hübsch KN6EYB Extra OE1IAH
2021-10-10 Max Schaffer AJ6UB Extra OE3MTA
2021-10-10 Christian Raith KO4UCG Technician OE3LCR
2021-10-10 Willy Meyrath KY4KM Extra OE1WYC
2021-10-10 Alex Koller W5YDX General OE1DXU
2021-10-10 Erich Freitag KN6RCR Technician OE3EFR
2021-10-10 Heinz Weber KN6RCW General OE1WEH
2021-10-10 Alexander Krainz AJ6TZ Extra OE1LZS
2021-10-10 Willi Kraml AJ6UA Extra OE1WKL
2021-10-10 Markus Gollner KN6RCS Technician SWL
2022-01-09 Stephan Kleibel KN6EXZ Extra OE1SKV
2022-01-09 Hannes Grünsteidl KN6RCV Extra OE1SGU
2022-01-09 Harald Böck AJ6VL Extra OE3HBS
2022-01-09 Peter Fenk KN6SMI Technician SWL
2022-01-09 Christian Bauer AJ6VM Extra OE3CJB
2022-01-09 Gerald Landl KN6RCU Extra OE5TET
2022-01-09 Zacharias Landl KN6RCQ General SWL
2022-01-09 Zara Landl KN6SMJ Technician SWL
2022-01-09 Wolfgang Demmer KN6RCT General OE3WDB
2022-01-09 Fridolin Einböck AJ6VN Extra OE2FEP
2022-01-09 Thomas M. Fellner KN6SML General OE2TFS
2022-01-09 Noah B. Laireiter KN6SMK General OE2NBL
2022-01-09 Helmut Kettner KO4WCW General OE5DIN